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Diabetic Shoe Program

Diabetic Shoe ProgramWe participate in the Medicare diabetic shoe program. Diabetic shoes along with heat molded insoles have been very effective in preventing complications that many diabetics experience. Patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus should also consider having specially made shoes to protect their feet. Most patients with diabetes qualify for footwear and inserts under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Medicare covers patients for one pair of shoes and three inserts per year.

Our office has partnered with Safestep which offer a proper fitting for the diabetic patient with extra width across the midfoot and ample room at the toe-box to avoid pressure. These shoes are also designed to accommodate orthotics.

To qualify for the Medicare diabetic shoe program the diabetic patient must be under the active care of a primary care physician for his/her diabetes and meet certian medical guidelines. Once these certified conditions are established, the patient presents to the office for a shoe fitting, and the appropriate footwear is ordered. Upon dispensing of the shoes, a full weight bearing heat molded process is conducted and the patient is on their way.

What Is The Diabetic Shoe Program?

The Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill allows people with diabetes to get specialized footwear and foot orthotics.

Therapeutic shoes have extra depth to accommodate a diabetic insole that is custom fitted for the patient's foot. A rocker bottom, coupled with a rigid shank, can aid in realigning ground forces and can encourage a normal gait. The shoe is lightweight with a secure closure that ensures that the show stays on securely to protect the foot when used with a special heat moldable insert.

For each individual, coverage provides for one pair of extra depth shoes and three pairs of inserts annually. Medicare will pay 80% of the eligible cost. Secondary insurance may completely cover the remaining cost.

Shoes and inserts are often covered by most insurance companies for people who suffer from diabetes and have advanced diabetic foot care needs.

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